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Co-Founder, WBNL Enterprises | Business & Life Coach | Team Leader

As a real estate broker, coach and industry leader for over 28 years, Jan is keenly aware that the single biggest obstacle in any business is implementation of the basic systems and activities that are the foundation of a prosperous and long-lived career.  With this in mind, Jan builds programs and systems around that and gets the fear out of the way.  Once that is accomplished, the sky is the limit and she has guided 100’s of top producing real estate sales professionals, teams and business owners to implement effective systems that allow them to thrive.


Co-Founder, WBNL Enterprises | Master Coach | Travologist

Matt’s philosophy in life and business can be summed up with ease; look for the best in people, listen more than you talk, be inclusive, create balance, and make each day better than the day before.   This has served him well during his 29 years of leading individuals, teams, and companies to success. Understanding what motivates someone and how they can best reach their personal goals and improve their quality of life has always come easy to Matt and he enjoys being a part of that journey.   Taking charge of your destiny is the most freeing & empowering thing you can do.