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We provide a wide variety of options for Brokers.  Our goal is to provide you with coaching and training that is tailored to fit your needs.

We provide one-on-one coaching & consultation tailored to your imminent needs.  We also provide onsite training for your agents were we will work with you to develop topics and customize the training as needed for your audience and objectives.

Our workshops and seminars include a complete companion workbook and each attendee will have access to our online platform for all workshop materials; slide decks, applicable checklists, action plans and other bonus downloads.

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Looking for expert guidance on how to attract, onboard and retain the right agents to your company? Are you ready to take your brokerage to the next level? Let's connect for a free brokerage system assessment and consultation.  Complete the form below and/or call Jan O'Brien directly at 702.858.9191 to coordinate a time to meet via phone or video conference.


Let's connect to discuss how you can leverage our online training courses for your brokerage. We have extensive experience  coaching and training agents at the brokerage level.  From brand new licensees to seasoned veterans to agent teams, we have you covered. Just fill out the form below and/or call Jan O'Brien directly at 702.858.9191.


We have personal experience starting a brokerage from the ground up to growing and operating existing companies.  We can assist with building your company policy & procedures manual, development of your ICA to choosing the right software to efficiently run your brokerage. Let's connect for a free brokerage consultation. Call Jan at 702.858.9191 to get started.

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