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The way we do business has changed.  Adapting your client care and integrating powerful virtual presentation and marketing techniques will make you a market leader.  Our courses & coaching will take you from building a lasting foundation through real-time proven systems and ultimately to an exit-strategy.


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The Compete System to Build a Successful & Profitable Real Estate Team

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Wandering But Not Lost Podcast

Real Estate and reality meet as co-hosts, Jan O’Brien and Matt Emerson bring you Tips, Tools, & Topics to supercharge your business.  They’ll share their insights along with interviews with industry thought leaders.

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"Jan is an amazing coach and mentor. She is a positive force in anyone she meets life and you can immediately tell how much she cares about people. She brings encouragement combined with realistic solutions to the people she coaches and holds them accountable until the goal is reached. She is an excellent teacher and I have valued the opportunity to work with her."

Chance Brown
Broker-Owner, CB & A, Realtors, Houston, TX

"Matt creates an exceptional culture of synergy and camaraderie. His unfailing positive attitude motivates his team to take their efforts to the next level, while at the same time ensuring each individual is heard. They are inspired to meet his expectations and high standards."

Kathryn Bovard
Broker/Owner at Integrated Real Estate, Las Vegas, NV

"Jan, David and Matt, Thank you so much for the 30 day challenge. The value that is packed in this challenge is priceless. Still pinching myself that I was able to have access to amazing and relevant material. Every ounce of time invested will have a pound of payoff. I would have easily paid for a 3 day seminar! The stats, the technology, the heart and the way it was all delivered… well, Bravo! So grateful to be part of it. Thank you for the invitation. Namaste 🙂"

Sheri Page
Team Page, REALTOR® | Urban Nest Realty. Las Vegas, NV

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