Episode 144: Celebrate Your Success - COVID Edition

Nov 20, 2020

In Episode 144 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts, Jan O’Brien & Matt Emerson continue their month-long series on gratitude.  Today, we take a look back at 2020 and celebrate our successes.  It is easy to focus on the things that we didn't get done, however, by focusing on the things we did accomplish we are building a more encouraging mindset.  Was your 2020 half full or half empty?





In our 28+ years of experience in the real estate industry, we consistently observe that most driven and success-minded individuals have a tendency to focus on what they haven't achieved yet.  They are always moving on to the next goal or challenge without stopping, however briefly, to acknowledge the victory or success in the moment or in the reflection of the past year. So, as you fine-tune your goals and your business plan for a successful new year, we encourage you to...

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