Episode 298: SNEAK PEEK of Real Estate Sales Builder ~ Selling New Homes

Unlock the Secrets of Selling New Homes: A Sneak Peek into Our Real Estate Sales Builder Course. Welcome to the latest episode of the WBNL Coaching podcast, where we dive into the art of selling new homes. Whether you're a seasoned real estate professional or just starting out, this episode is packed with insights and strategies to enhance your sales toolkit.

In This Episode:

The Pros of Selling New Homes:  Discover why selling new homes is an opportunity not to be missed. From the simplicity of the sale to the allure of brand-new models, learn how these factors benefit both you and your buyers. Understand the unique advantages of new homes, including customization options, eco-friendly features, and builder warranties.

The Cons: While selling new homes comes with its perks, we also explore the challenges you might face, such as low inventory, higher prices per square foot, and the longer sales cycle. Get valuable tips on how to navigate these obstacles and still come out on top.

Top Tips for Adding New Construction to Your Residential Toolkit: Equip yourself with practical advice on how to effectively incorporate new construction sales into your business. Learn how to preview new home communities, build relationships with onsite sales agents, and the critical questions to ask to ensure you're fully informed.

Engaging with Buyers: Understand the importance of discussing new homes during the buyer consultation and how to position yourself as an indispensable asset to your clients in the new home buying process.

Marketing New Homes: Discover innovative strategies for lead generation, from leveraging social media and video tours to collaborating with builders for advertising opportunities.

Join us as we provide a sneak peek into Module 4, Lesson 9 of our Real Estate Sales Builder Course, "Selling New Homes." This episode is a goldmine of information, designed to help you expand your expertise and confidently guide your clients through the new home buying process. Don't miss out on these invaluable insights that could transform your approach to selling new homes and skyrocket your success in the real estate market.






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Selling New Homes


  • It's NOT a complicated sale!
  • New home models show great
  • New home sales agents are generally well-trained and good at helping convert the sale
  • Benefits to buyers
    • No one has ever lived in the home
    • Choosing upgrades and options to suit their needs and taste
    • Eco-Friendly; latest tech Energy-Efficient
    • Floor plan designs and options
    • Builder warranties
  • https://www.newhomesource.com/guide/articles/top-10-reasons


  • May have low inventory or not much new construction in your area
  • It may be a higher price per sq ft than resale homes
  • Longer sales cycle
  • Not all builders pay a commission
  • The client may go to the new home site and register without you
  • All builders are not equal
  • Upgrades are not cheap!

Top Tips for Adding New Construction to Your Residential Toolkit

  1. Preview new home communities.
    Know the inventory, builder incentives, standing inventory, and if the builder pays a commission. Get the builder brochures, sales material pricing sheets, etc., and assemble a New Builder folder or Binder for easy reference
  2. Meet and build relationships with onsite sales agents

Questions to ask onsite sales agents:

  • What is the registration process?
    • Can you register a client online?
    • Do you have to take them to the community and register them in person?
    • How long is the registration good for?
    • Is the registration good for all communities by that builder?
  • What is the commission? Are you paid on base price?
  • Are there any special community fees or HOA fees?
  • Do you have any standing inventory/move-in ready or properties being built and available?
  • Are there any current buyer incentives? (Closing costs, upgrade credits)
  • What is a typical build and delivery timeframe?
  • Can you tell me more about what is included in the base price? Do you have a list of options and upgrades with pricing?
  1. ALWAYS discuss new homes during the buyer consultation – "Have you considered new homes?"
  • Discuss why they need you as their agent – the onsite agent is representing the builder.
  1. Advertise new homes for lead generation (Get permission of the builder – use New Home Source Professional listings)
  • Social media – Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Video tour of new homes - YouTube Channel
  • Interview onsite agents
  • Blog posts about new home community, builder spotlight


Real Estate Sales Builder Certification

This 4 Module 39 lesson certification course was created for brokers, team leaders, trainers, coaches, and mentors to fully understand and be able to deliver our Real Estate Sales Builder course to your agents. We look forward to working with you to customize the program to fit your needs while taking the burden of building and developing a training program off your back!

Welcome & Orientation

  • Getting the Most Out of the Course
  • RESB Certification Course Downloads
  • Real Estate Sales Builder Course Overview
  • Utilizing WBNL Coaching to Build the Foundation

Module 1: Setting Up Your Agent Training Program 

  • Overview & Downloads
  • Training Delivery Methods & Schedule
  • Identify Your Trainer/Coach
  • How to Use the RESB Coach Manual
  • Recommended Supplemental Training
  • Managing Agent Overwhelm & Setting Priorities 
  • Classroom & Group Management 
  • Leverage the RESB Activity & Results Tracker
  • Accountability & Encouragement Ideas
  • Let’s Get to Work!  

Module 2: Coaching Agents to Success

  • Overview & Downloads
  • What is Business Coaching? 
  • Key Coaching Questions
  • Coaching Agents Using the 4 Personality Styles
  • Personal Development Resources
  • Let’s Get to Work!

Module 3: Promoting Your Agent Training Program

  • Overview & Downloads
  • RESBC Marketing Toolkit ~ featuring Canva
  • How to Personalize Your RESB Marketing Materials
  • Marketing to Your Agents
  • Leverage Your Training Program for Recruiting
  • Let’s Get to Work!

Module 4: Training Overview of all RESB Modules

  • Welcome & Course Overview
  • Module 1: The Fundamentals of Real Estate & Your Business Plan
  • Module 2: Build Your Database & Get Referrals
  • Module 3: Effective Open Houses
  • Module 4: Working with Buyers 
  • Module 5: Personality, Communication Styles & The Sales Cycle
  • Module 6: Working with Sellers
  • Module 7: Listing Presentation & Marketing 
  • Module 8: Farming Strategies
  • Module 9: Social Media & Online Presence 
  • Module 10: Online Lead Generation & Conversion 
  • Module 11: Niche Marketing, BDA & Getting Client Reviews
  • Module 12: Business & Financial Fundamentals

Course Downloads:

  • RESB Trainer Certification Workbook (PDF)
  • Real Estate Sales Builder COACH MANUAL (PDF)
  • RESB Modules-Lessons-Documents List (PDF)
  • Marketing Toolkit Overview ~ featuring Canva (PDF)
  • Initial Coaching Session Form (PDF & Word)
  • RESB Activity & Results Tracker (for Agent Use) (Excel)
  • Let’s Get to Work Checklist Compilation (PDF)
  • Agent Progress Tracker (Excel)
  • Recommended Supplemental Training List (PDF)
  • Attendance Sign-in Sheet (PDF)
  • Agent Onboarding Checklist (Excel)


T IER 1 - THE BASICS ~ $597 

  • Real Estate Sales Builder Certification course 
  • 1 user license of RESB
  • 1-hour consultation 
  • Additional users - $347 per agent ($50 off) 

TIER 2 - The CO-BRAND ~ $997 + $50/mth hosting fee

  • Real Estate Sales Builder Certification course 
  • 1 user license of RESB
  • 90-minute initial consultation
  • Additional users - $297 per agent ($100 off) 
  • Co-branded landing page 
  • Customized sidebar of up to 3 videos /CTAs of your choice
  • Up to 12 optional videos you provide to upload to RESB 
  • Up to 20 of your documents uploaded to the associated Module
  • We handle all payments, sending login information, & tech support

The $50/month hosting fee includes

  • Hosting of co-branded RESB course on our secure site
  • Monthly user activity report
  • One video/document upload, if needed, per month
    • Additional custom videos and docs uploaded for $50 

TIER 3 - THE WHITE LABEL ~ Call for consultation & quote

  • Complete white labeling of RESB and materials

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