Episode 232: Personality Styles in Sales & Coaching

In Episode 232, we look at the different personality styles, their key characteristics, what makes them tick, and how to best communicate with each.  Identifying personality styles in sales & coaching is the key to swifter rapport building and stronger, long-term relationships.  Let's take a walk in other's shoes...




Resources in this week's episode:


  • Using the diagram below, focus on the line labeled Dominant to Flow With and plot where you feel or think you fall on the line.  (i.e., Are you a strong dominant person?  Place your dot closer to Dominant)
  • Now focus on the formal (Task) line to the Informal (Relationship).  Plot where you feel or think you fall on this line (Are you more task or relationship-oriented?)
  • Draw a line to connect the two plotted points and discover which quadrant is your dominant behavior style.
  • Consider the following scenario when plotting your points: Under stress, confrontation, or a difficult situation – what is your tendency?


Check your style with the matrix below.  If you are in a group for this exercise, share your dominant style with the others. 

  • How are you similar?
  • How are you different?
  • How can this information help you communicate with co-op agents?
  • Clients?
  • Friends and loved ones?

Think about (discuss if you are in a group) how to spot clues to someone's dominant style by how they dress, speak, act, and even by their occupation.



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