Episode 124: Manifesting Your New Normal


“The New Normal” https://zenhabits.net/new-normal/  ~Leo Batauta

In his article, Leo Batauta of Zen Habits beautifully spells out the key things I really believe so many of us have been feeling amid the COVD-19 pandemic.   Several that stood out for me:

  • Sense of disruption
  • Heightened uncertainty & anxiety
  • Feeling of isolation – yet a new sense of “togetherness’
  • Wanting to feel something meaningful

There are opportunities in developing a new mindset and embracing and manifesting your new normal!

  • True gratitude and appreciation for what and who you have in your life now
  • An opportunity for self-reflection and identifying areas you want to work on and master
  • Re-evaluation of your priorities and taking action toward what you want to attract and create in your life
  • Revisiting or redefining your purpose or calling
  • Expressing compassion for yourself and others
  • Creating a deeper and more meaningful connection in your life

Welcome to the new normal – the remote or virtual era!  In the coming weeks, we will be exploring these concepts and strategies to thrive in your new normal:

  • Adapting a flux mindset
  • Embracing change – seizing the opportunities around you
  • Pivoting to emerging markets/sectors for your business and learning new skills
  • Creating a great workspace at home
  • Committing to a self-care plan

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