Episode 199: Our Top 5 Listing Lead Ideas

In episode 199, co-hosts, Jan O'Brien and Matt Emerson give you their top 5 listing lead ideas for realtors that are ready to make it happen in 2022.  From video text CMAs to YouTube Shorts, we'll take you through the list of things that are working for us.  So let's dive into top 5 listing lead ideas...





WBNL Resources from this Episode

AGENT PERFECT WEEK:  https://www.wbnlcoaching.com/agent-perfect-week

  • Download our template for an Agent Perfect Week.  This is a customizable Excel spreadsheet to help you design and schedule key time blocks so you can build your pipeline while also managing the day-to-day business of real estate
  • Download our checklist for effective open houses, including the open house kit, planning, advertising, conducting, and post-open house action items

Postcard Marketing Template in CANVA: 


  • For all of you CANVA users, click this link above to download two postcard templates that will help you get started with creating your market update piece





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