Episode 183: Know Your Local Stats

Episode 183:   To truly be the local real estate market expert and agent of choice… you must COMMIT to being a student of the stats, trends, and everything impacting your area.  How do you do this, join Jan O'Brien & Matt Emerson for some tips and tricks...





 Be a student of your local market and real estate!

  • Housing stats & trends nationally & locally
  • Economy, Financing, News that impacts the industry
  • Real estate process & transactions from lead to close
  • Types of Transactions 
    • Resale 
    • New construction home
    • Short sales, foreclosures/REOs  
    • TRIO Lease to own  https://www.thinktrio.com/ 
    • EasyKnock https://www.easyknock.com/  (Sale - Lease-back programs)
    • iBuyers (Offerpad, OpenDoor, Zillow Offers, etc.)
    • Knock.com Home swap program, 
    • Investors, 1031 exchanges, 
    • Probates

HOW to become THE expert?

  Demonstrate your Local Knowledge 

WEEKLY Housing Snapshot Graphic and or Video for social

MONTHLY detailed Market report and video

  • Email a Monthly Newsletter
  • Create a Blog post
  • Text the blog post to your database

Grab a graphic or chart from KCM or another source and post it or record a quick video or story

Find an interesting article on real estate?  Share it with your opinion/feedback. 
Preview the inventory - visit new home communities

  • Take photos & videos
  • Integrate it into your content on social or YouTube

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