Episode 182: Real Estate Lead Follow-Up System That Works!

In Episode 182,  Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien go over the steps of a lead follow-up system that WORKS!  Spoiler alert - you have to actually talk to your clients!  Let's jump in...





Communicate & Connect! 

  • Text
  • email
  • Video text or email 

Be Pleasantly Persistent

  • You will probably have to try more than 2 times to make the follow-up connection

Use your DAMN CRM!

  • An automated reminder you when to make the next call

Online Leads

  • The initial goal is to have a follow-up plan to get the lead to connect with you so you can qualify, sort, start building rapport - have a conversation
  • 30-day plan in your CRM

Open House & Other Face-to-Face Leads or Referrals

  • Focus is on delivering what they want
  • What is timeframe - now vs near future (determine the type follow-up/action to take/priority)
    • Buyer - saved searches
    • Cash vs Loan - if loan - talk to lender/ get pre-approved and why
    • Seller - CMA; need to buy a home first


How to get people to know, like, and trust you...

Initially - it’s in the first connection - a call is better than a text; zoom meeting is even better to build rapport, establish your expertise and learn about them and their wants and needs

  • Introduction video - about you - why work with you
  • Post this on your website
  • Use it in your initial follow-up email

You must be a local market expert and know the housing stats and trends!!

  • Look at the MLS hot sheets every day
  • Study the market stats and reports provided by
    • MLS/Matrix
    • State Realtor Association
    • Showing Time
    • National housing trends with Keeping Current Matters
    • Other resources available from your company
  • Preview available homes
  • Call and talk to listing agents about properties / multiple offers /status
  • Use showing time / respond to agent feedback

Buyer & seller videos on what’s happening in the current market. Educate and inform - which continues to build the know, like trust factor


  • Sellers market - what this means to you
  • How to compete in this market - win the bid
  • Why pre-approval is critical if getting a loan 


  • Sellers market - what this means to you
  • Market shifting - Price strategies
  • Options for selling your home - buying another
  • 3 P’s Preparation, Pricing, and Promotion

Nurture Campaign

  • Home search with their criteria
  • Applicable buyer or seller video emails from above
  • When you find a property that is perfect - reaching out personally (not just the automatic notice)
    • Send a quick video text - I’m out previewing this property and I think you will love it - here is a video
  • Market updates
    • Weekly stats
    • Monthly big market update newsletter with housing report video

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