Episode 169: LinkedIn Power Tips

In Episode 169 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts, Jan O’Brien & Matt Emerson dissect the LinkedIn profile and share some tips and tricks that you do not want to miss while creating your All-Star Profile!






LinkedIn Power Tips

In Episode 167, we talked about re-engaging with Linkedin.

Today, we dive into several details and power tips to help you optimize your Linkedin presence and how to get even more engagement.

 1.  Updated Guide to an All-Star Profile.  We added a few tips to this guide.  Grab a copy of yours right here:

What’s new in the guide:

    • Adding Services Page
    • Featured Area
    • Pronouns - Let others know how to refer to you

2.  Follow vs. Connect
Bottom line - keep your profile on Connect unless you plan to be a content creator and frequent poster on Linkedin.

3.  Give to Get Recommendations

Do you have a client testimonial on Zillow, Realtor, Google, Facebook?  Try this idea - copy the review and email it to your client and ask them if they will be kind enough to add it to your Linkedin profile.

  • You must be 1st-degree connections
  • Send the request from Linkedin referencing the email you sent
  • Call and let them know about it

4.  Use #Hashtags

  • Leverage the search bar and Add Hashtag prompt when posting to find popular hashtags
  • Make it relevant to the post content
  • Use Industry-specific hashtags like  #realestate #realestateagent
  • Relevant to your niche / specialization #golfcoursehomes #relocation 
  • Use location-based hashtags  #YourCity #YourCityRealEstate
  • Create a custom branded hashtag #janobrienrealtor #obrienmorabbiteam

5.  Use  the LinkedIn App - here are 4 things you can only do in the APP

  • Record name pronunciation
  • Record a 30-sec cover story video
  • Post Stories
  • Share a QR code of your LinkedIn profile


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