Episode 159: Your Quarterly Tune-Up

 Quarterly Tune-Up

Q1 of 2021 is already in our rearview mirror!  It's time for a tune-up.  In Episode 159 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts, Jan O’Brien & Matt Emerson revisit their My Path 2021 workbook and discuss the steps or reflection you should take as each quarter ends and a new one begins.  



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  • Set aside 1-2 hours this week to Reflect, Refocus & Realign for Q2
  • Start by writing down all of your accomplishments & victories in your business and personal life.  Remember to celebrate your successes!
  • Next, write down what is working for you over the past 3 months.  What are you most excited about if your business and personally?
  • Now, reflect on what’s not working for you and do a deeper dive into why.  Is it something you are avoiding or procrastinating about or is it truly not working for you?  Is it something you want to re-commit to doing or do you need to modify in some way or maybe even take it off your plate?
  • What course corrections are you committed to making and taking action on for Quarter 2?
  • Evaluate what you want or need to START, STOP or CONTINUE doing for your business and personal goals and objectives
  • Finally, identify 3-5 FOCUS AREAS for Q2 - make sure you include something that is for your personal or professional development/growth!


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