Episode 278: ASK 5! an interview with David Squier

In Episode 278, Matt Emerson & Jan O'Brien welcome David Squier back to the WBNL Podcast studio to give us an update on his current path, chat about the state of the market for 2024, and discuss the importance of staying focused on the money-making tasks on your calendar.   Let's catch up with David...






Greetings. I have been a Las Vegas resident since 1971 and have seen the changes and growth from a small town to a major metropolitan city. With over 30 years of real estate experience, I have been through every market condition, which allows me to help people understand both the short-term strategies and the broader long-term picture, which is the driver to a successful career in Real Estate and has allowed me to drive my Las Vegas sales team for so many successful years.

I have a passion and natural ability for training, coaching, mentoring, and business development. I understand the complex formula and the many facets of what drives people to excel. I tailor it to fit the goals and dreams of each individual, which is the key to my success. In my Real Estate coaching, I consistently guide people to find the breakthrough moment in their careers. As a Top Producer, Leader of a Mega Agent Team, Corporate Broker, Owner, and Personal Coach, I understand the business at every level and how all parties are integral to the end game. The ability to unite people as partners ultimately brings results exceeding expectations. 

I look forward to connecting with you to see how I can best support your Las Vegas real estate and business coaching needs.



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