Real Estate is as Simple as ABC...

ABC Mindset

The KEY to long-term success in the real estate business is to adopt the ABC mindset (Always Be Connecting)

Building your database is an ongoing and daily process.  It's a mindset.  Set a goal of the number of people you want to add to your database on a weekly or monthly basis.  Every day, you will have opportunities to network and talk to others

Turn everyday situations into an opportunity to discuss the real estate business and invite someone to be added to your mailing or email list

Commit to adding “X” people a week to your database  

  • Actively talk to people and handout 5-10 business cards - 5 days a week and ask for referrals!  (Everywhere – standing in line, restaurants, interacting with businesses daily) 
  • Hold 2-3 Open Houses a week - you will meet prospective buyers and people to add to your database
  • Active prospecting - FSBOs, Expireds, door knocking, calling, just listed and just sold activities, networking events, farming


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