Episode 195: 2022 Year in Review | From Housing to Hawkeye!

We take a look back on the year that was and hit the web to pull a ton of information for you to peruse.  The following information comes from a variety of sources and we thank the original source of each.  Let's start off with some links to some of the top 2021 Year in Review lists:





The 2021 Year In Review

COVID - as of 12/27/21  The Pandemic Lingers…

Worldwide - 

2020: 82+ million cases | 1.8 million deaths

2021:  280,768,392 million cases | 5,404,329 deaths (cumulative)

The United States - 

2020: 19.7+ million cases | 342,395 deaths

2021:  52.2 million cases | 815,000 deaths (cumulative) 

Vaccines roll out 

Divided We Fall - Polarization with Everything

How can we change this tide?

  1. Focus on issues rather than parties
  2. Break out of your media bubble
  3. Learn to listen!

Mental Health 

Remote Work - Employment Issues 

“The future of work is at a pivotal crossroad—with many workers reassessing their options. During the pandemic, people grappled with finding meaning and purpose in their work. Will the future of work be hybrid, purposeful, inclusive, and built for balance?” 




 Stock Market







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