Episode 254: ASK 5! w/ MJ Porchas ~ Broker | Owner Chapeau Properties, Corona

In Episode 254, co-hosts Matt Emerson & Jan O'Brien are joined in the WBNL Podcast studio by MJ Porchas, Broker | Owner of Chapeau Properties in Corona, CA.  MJ's real estate experience has run the gamut, and she has wise intel on how to get started, how to keep up with the latest trends, and how to fail forward.  Her passion is coaching agents to success through powerful training and mentorship.  She always has a bunch of plates spinning - let's meet MJ...





When you meet M.J., you are bound to be addicted to her incredible energy, tremendous passion for caring for her clients, great stories, and animated way of speaking. As a Broker, Certified Coach/Trainer, and Top Producing Realtor, this has given her incredible experience in educating her clients to have a great life experience when selling or purchasing their home. If you are lucky to be a part of her training programs or boot camps, you will experience hands-on coaching and energetic inspiration that moves and motivates you with step-by-step processes and strategies with amazing results. Her knowledge and willingness to support your success is refreshing and genuine. She treats her clients with the same energy and dedication and with the utmost protection using the same strategies and processes as she does when coaching and training.

It's fun to be a client of M.J.'s, and she won't leave you hanging without ensuring you feel and receive the ultimate experience of support and communication throughout the whole process and after. For M.J., it's all about negotiating the absolute best for her clients while always giving them the facts to make the best decision.
M.J. is undoubtedly a highly enthusiastic person passionate about coaching and educating her clients. She enjoys supporting families with one of their most significant investments, their home. But don't stop there; she wants to help you achieve wealth by building your real estate portfolio. 
Some people may call her a "bulldozer in a daisy field," meaning she is an aggressive negotiator and marketing professional to get properties sold and prioritizing her client's interests in retaining "Raving Fans" and referral business.

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