Episode 242: ASK 5! w/ Jenny Pok-Larramendy

In Episode 242, co-hosts Matt Emerson & Jan O'Brien are joined in the WBNL Podcast studio by Jenny Pok-Larramendy.  A friend of the show, Jenny always has inspiration and wisdom to bring to the table.  Her career has taken her across the real estate industry, and she never sits still.  New things are happening with a recent conversion to ReMax and other great stuff in the works.  Let's chat with Jenny...





w/ Jenny Pok-Larramendy

Jenny started in the real estate industry 30 years ago by selling real estate software and later transitioned into selling real estate before starting an independent brokerage.  She is, hands-down, one of the best broker/owners out there and is committed to the support and growth of her agents and proves this daily.  Of the recent conversation to ReMax Proper, Jenny said, "This conversion has virtually all positive effects for our agents.  They get to be a part of a big-name brand with international reach; they get top-notch tools and a value proposition that is unmatched by other major brands.  On top of all that, they get to be on a global team with over 140,000 members that can support each other in their growth needs.  We are putting our agents in the best possible position to take their business to the next level!"  She tells it like it is, and that is just one of the many reasons that we love to chat with Jenny!

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