Episode 287: From Dream to Reality: Mastering Self-Publishing with Author, Jenn Marie

Embark on a journey of creativity and courage with Jenn Marie, the self-published author of the enthralling young adult paranormal romance series: Intertwined, Tethered, and the much-anticipated Raveled. In this inspiring episode of the WBNL Coaching podcast, Jenn shares the highs and lows of her self-publishing voyage—from the initial spark of character creation, through the challenges of editing, to the triumph of distribution. This conversation is a treasure trove for aspiring authors and dreamers alike, offering a firsthand look at the tenacity required to bring a vision to life. Jenn Marie's story is a powerful reminder that with passion and perseverance, the path from dream to reality is within reach. Tune in to discover how to navigate the world of self-publishing and why taking risks is essential for achieving your heart's desires.



Meet Author Jenn Marie

Jenn is a self-published author who loves reading, writing, journaling, and all things books! Currently, Jenn is working on the third and final installment in her Young Adult Paranormal Romance series and aims to publish it by the end of the year so she can continue traveling with her family before diving into her next series. Traveling has been a huge source of inspiration for her books. She feels there’s no better way to expand your horizons. Getting out there and seeking your next adventure is what it’s all about. She urges everyone to take risks and pursue what they love. It’s the best way to live! 



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