Episode 228: ASK 5! An Interview w/ Fred Nassab

In Episode 228, co-hosts Matt Emerson & Jan O'Brien are joined in the WBNL Podcast studio with Fred Nassab, a Branch Manager for First Team Real Estate's Rossmoor office.  He'll share what it takes to succeed in today's market and beyond.





w/ Fred Nassab

With more than 30 years of coaching, training, and motivating agents, Fred knows what it takes to succeed in Real Estate, and he has repeatedly proven it. Fred’s true passion is inspiring success and helping new and experienced agents build their book of business and, ultimately, their sales volume up to $20 – $50 million annually.

Fred has a knack for identifying an agent’s strengths and helping them build on those strengths while at the same time helping them to eliminate or delegate their weaknesses. His well-established and successful office is home to the area’s most productive agents.

Through interactive sales meetings,’ Mastermind’ groups, training workshops, and one-on-one coaching, Fred works shoulder to shoulder tactically on a street level with his agents to help them dominate their market area. Fred’s great sense of humor, insight, and genuine concern for his agents, fosters a unique culture of sharing that permeates his office that so many top producers call home!

Fred also helps agents balance their personal and professional lives to enjoy their success fully. Says Fred, “Real estate is only the means to allow you to live the lifestyle you dream of living.’  Some of Fred’s agents take as many as six vacations annually and still maintain their top producer status. Fred enjoys international travel, hiking, kayaking, working out, and playing drums.

Fred’s 30-year industry background includes Top Producer “Hall of Fame’ sales associate status, opening and building a highly successful sales office, and his experience as Senior Vice President of Sales for the largest independent real estate firm in Southern California. In summary, he has knowledge and expertise rarely found in the real estate industry.

If you'd like to contact Fred to learn more about First Team Real Estate and the Rossmoor office you can reach him via email at [email protected]

More: https://www.linkedin.com/in/frednassab/

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