Episode 197: How to Make a Market Update Video

In episode 197, co-hosts, Jan O'Brien and Matt Emerson walk you through the steps of creating a monthly update video including a piece on actually creating your template in Canva.





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How to Make a Market Update Video

  1. Gather the monthly stats for your MLS area, city, region from the MLS, or your Association of REALTORS.  Get the stats for a specific city, town, or community within your service area you want to spotlight every month.

  2. Create/ update your monthly MEDIAN SALES price graph in Google Sheets or Excel.  Then update your chart in CANVA.

  3. Watch the monthly Market Update from Keeping Current Matters (available on the 10th of the month), download the slides you want to use for your update.  You can also download the slide deck, audio file, and transcript.

  4. Create / Update your Slide Deck in Canva

  5. Use the Loom Chrome Extension to record you and your slide deck

  6. Edit the video - loom has a basic editor.  Or download the video file and edit in your favorite editor software
  7. Download the final, edited video and upload it to YouTube.  Make sure to use an SEO friendly Title and add your description and tags

  8. Write a blog post with the video and monthly stats content.  I use the articles released monthly from my associations as a reference and source.

  9. Create/update your monthly newsletter template in your CRM or Mailchimp/Constant Contact.  Send it to your entire database!  See our video on How to Create a Monthly Newsletter:

  10. 2-3 days later, send a text with a link to your Market Update blog post to your database.  A CRM with a mass texting feature makes this an easy step!

  11. Post your video and/or key slides from your presentation on social media.  You will have enough content to create social posts for 5-7 days.  Make one-minute videos highlighting one stat or topic.

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