Episode 174: Is Inventory Finally Increasing? How to Attract Sellers Now!

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2021

Now, more than ever, you need to stay on top of the Real Estate market.  The typical patterns are out the window in 2021 and things are queuing up for a shift soon.  In episode 174 we discuss the inventory, and how you can attract sellers by knowing ALL of their options and understanding how to communicate them.






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  1. Call or text your sphere of influence/database!

When was the last time you called or sent a text to your SOI?!  Just call and check in with your SOI, past clients, people you know!  How are they doing, what might have changed for them? Have you done this yet? 

Who has investment properties?

Who may want to sell and move closer to their family?

What may want to sell now while the market is hot and they can get top dollar? 

    • Record a market update or write a blog post and send this to your database as an email.  Follow-up with a text and/or call
    • Try sending a short Video CMA email - here is the value of your property today...
  • Be the Seller Options Agent!
  • “Did you know there are options to sell your property that can help you become a cash buyer on your next home first, then we can list and sell your house?”
    • Easy Knock https://www.easyknock.com/partner-with-easyknockHow It Works: EasyKnock will purchase the client's home at full market value, and provide up to 75% of that value upfront in cash funding (minus the mortgage balance, EasyKnock fee of 2.99%*, and closings costs), allowing the client to make a stronger offer on their next home. That cash funding can be used towards: a larger down payment, paying down debt for a better pre-approval, funding new construction, etc. The client can reside in their home for up to 12 months (no penalty to move early, plus with an option to defer monthly rent payments), all while still working with you to list, market, and sell their home. EasyKnock will also provide you with an Exclusive Listing Agreement. Upon sale on the open market, the client will receive the remaining value ("Option Value"), plus any appreciation. And you will continue to receive their full market rate commission, paid by the seller!
    • Homeward - https://www.homeward.com/for-agent
    • Homelight - https://www.homelight.com/agents​​HomeLight Trade-In™
    • First, learn all about programs like these…

HomeLight Cash Offer™

  1. Non-Owner Occupied / Investor Properties
    With the tenant eviction moratorium finally expiring July 31st  and the hot market, many investors may be ready to cash out for top dollar, especially if they believe that prices will come down as the economy recovers and interest rates increase.

“Hi, it’s [Your name] with [your company]. I was looking at your rental property at [insert address here], and I’m curious… With everything happening in the world today, have you had any thoughts of cashing out at these prices?”

  1. Open Houses
    As the inventory increases, you should be able to find even more opportunities to do EFFECTIVE open houses.  This means doing lead gen & marketing tactics like:
  • Invite the neighbors by knocking on doors and /or door drop an invitation flyer or postcard with all the details
  • Promote it on all the platforms - your MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, etc
  • Run a Facebook Ad
  • Do a Facebook live at the property  and invite people to attend

  1. Notice of Defaults
    We will see an uptick in distressed properties with the lifting of the foreclosure moratorium - some markets more than others.  Develop a NOD system and work on it daily, if this is a niche for you.
  2. Geo or Niche Farm

Farming is a lead generation strategy that requires consistency and an investment of your time and other resources.  We dedicated an entire module to all types of Farming in our Real Estate Sales Builder training course.

6.  Expireds & FSBOs
These are people who have indicated they want to sell their homes!  Both require implementing an initial connection and a strong follow-up system.  We have detailed training, scripts, and marketing ideas in our Real Estate Sales Builder online course.


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