Episode 149: 3 Daily Actions to 2x Your Real Estate Business!

Looking for 3 daily actions to 2X your real estate business?  In Episode 149 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts, Jan O'Brien & Matt Emerson discuss 3 simple activities that you should make a part of your daily schedule that will get you focused and that will have a profound effect on your business.






3 Daily Actions to 2x Your Real Estate Business!

  1. Your Morning Well-Being Practice
  2. Being an Industry Expert
  3. 1-2 Hours of Lead Generation Activities



  • WHY?
    • It’s your career!
    • Knowledge = Confidence
    • Master all facets of the real estate industry
      • Housing stats & trends nationally & locally
      • Economy, Financing, News that impacts the industry
      • Real estate process & transactions from lead to close
      • Real estate laws and regulations
    • You will be the go-to trusted advisor
    • Conversation starters
    • Content creator


  • Must be in time blocked in your calendar - 5 days per week
  • Non-negotiable! If you erase it or don’t do it - you must reschedule it
  • Get an accountability partner and share your times and goals
  • Use Zoom meetings as an accountability tool
  • Set daily/weekly goals
    • X calls/texts
    • X personalized emails to leads
    • X video texts or emails to leads
    • X conversations made
    • X appointments set
  • All income-producing/ active lead generation activities count
    • Calling sessions (SOI, leads, farms, expireds, FSBOs, your niche, distressed properties)
    • Circle prospecting a new listing or just sold property
    • Active text conversations
    • Sending custom video texts or emails to leads/database
    • Open houses - make calls/texts to leads & database if no visitors
    • Door knocking


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