Episode 145: My Path ~ 2021 | Back to Sequoia NP

In Episode 145 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts, Jan O’Brien & Matt Emerson take you on their annual journey through WBNL Coaching's My Path.  The path toward realizing your goals, aligning your priorities, and reconnecting with your life. Speaking of paths, on Wandering Zen we head back to nature for a day-trip tp Sequoia NP.





We developed "MY PATH 2021" as a guide book to help simplify your personal and business goals and project planning for 2021. We have also included worksheets to help you stay on track and accountable daily, weekly, and quarterly. 

Get the Downloads:

  • My Path 2021 (Editable PDF)
  • My Path 2021 Instructions Booklet
  • Go to our G-Drive to Download - HERE

We are confident that, upon completion, you will have a plan for 2021 that will allow you to align, connect, & prosper in all areas of your life.

The Guide Book is your instruction manual for the editable MY PATH pdf document. You can enter your information right in the PDF or if you prefer, print it out and write directly on the pages as desired. 

Here is what is included in the workbook:

  • Year in Review
  • Brainstorming/ Mind Mapping
  • Long Term Goals
  • This Year's Focus is
  • My 333 for 2021
  • The Details
  • 333 Monthly Roadmap
  • My Business Pipeline
  • My Project Pipeline
  • My Weekly Roadmap
  • My Daily Roadmap
  • Quarterly Tune-Up



We headed back to the Sierra Nevada for a quick, but soul-restoring, day-trip to Sequoia NP.   I've said it before and I'll say it again, you cannot describe the magnificence of a sequoia tree until you've been up close to one.  To stand next to the massive trunk and under the branches that are larger than most trees is an unbelievable experience.  If you haven't made it to the Sierra to see these in person - you must put them on your post-COVID travel list.  They will NOT disappoint!  

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