Episode 230: ASK 5! An Interview w. Azim Jessa

ask 5! business tips Mar 13, 2023

In Episode 230, co-hosts Matt Emerson & Jan O'Brien are joined in the WBNL Podcast studio by Azim Jessa, Team Leader from Urban Nest Realty in Las Vegas.  He'll share his philosophy on coaching his team and keeping your prospects engaged.  His positivity is contagious - let's jump in...





w/ Azim Jessa

In 1999, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to move to Las Vegas from Vancouver, Canada, with the Internet company I worked for. After the DotCom bubble burst, I spent the following six years with Gap working up from a Sales Associate to General Manager of the Summerlin location. After being in the real estate industry for a few years, my wife, Sara, took an 11-year break and worked at Starbucks Coffee. In 2008, her passion for helping people and love of Las Vegas drove her back to real estate. Shortly after that, I joined her in the fall of 2009 as her referral workload became too much for one person to handle.

Since then, we have become a solid real estate team focused on building lasting relationships and a reputation for service. Outside the office, Sara and I volunteer at the Crossing Church when not shuttling our two children to dance and hockey. We love to travel and learn about different cultures through food and drink.

If you'd like to contact Azom, you can reach him via email at [email protected] or at 702-569-9353.


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