Episode 265: ASK 5! an interview with Alex Giannetti

In Episode 265, co-hosts Matt Emerson & Jan O'Brien welcome the author of the book Great People Know Great People, Alex Giannetti.  Alex has been working in the Real Estate Industry for many years and has perfected the art of networking.  He tells his unabridged story in the book and provides rich details on how to start from zero and build a strong referral network.  The book is a must-have on your shelf, and Alex is knowledgeable, engaging, and an all-around great guy!  And now, Alex Giannetti...





Alex has over a decade of Real Estate experience, which began as an investor and, at the market's peak in 2006, owned 11 properties.  When the bubble burst, it hit him and his family hard.  They regrouped and carried on with a No Debt Philosophy thanks to discovering the teachings of Dave Ramsey.  Alex and his wife, Stacie, began teaching his course, Financial Peace University, and to date, they have helped hundreds of people pay off over a million dollars in debt.

Alex began working as a Loan Officer and branded himself the Chino Hills Mortgage Man.  His conservative approach and my profession were at odds with each other, but he still loved Real Estate.  The only logical choice was to switch teams and become a Realtor. 

In October 2013, he joined RE/MAX Masters in Chino Hills.  In January 2014, his wife was offered an amazing job opportunity in Pittsburgh, PA, so they jumped at the chance to see and experience a whole new part of the country.  In May 2014, he obtained his PA Real Estate license and joined the RE/MAX Select Realty team from the McCandless Township office in the North Pittsburgh area.  Since then, he has helped hundreds of families find their dream home, and he'd love to do the same for you!  Alex is the Author of Great People Know Great People and a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach.

Learn more:

Ready to book Alex to speak at your next event?  Contact him here:  https://www.book-greatpeople.com/book-alex.


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