Episode 224: ASK 5! an Interview w/ Lodi Tannios

ask 5! business tips Jan 26, 2023

In Episode 224, co-hosts Matt Emerson & Jan O'Brien are joined by Lodi Tannios, Realtor, Broker, Team Leader, Trainer, and Mentor from Realty ONE Group | New Jersey.  Lodi shares her insight, tips, and strategies to thrive and answers the ASK 5!  Let's jump in...



w/ Lodi Tannios

Join us above as we learn more about Lodi and ASK 5!

  1. What is the best idea you have for your SOI & past clients?
  2. Share your top tactic for generating new business.
  3. What holds you back?
  4. What has inspired you - people, books, podcasts, videos, etc., & how?
  5. Best advice for agents to thrive in 2023 and beyond.

Lodi is a Realtor, Broker, Team Leader, and mom. She has always been a mentor and perfected her craft as a high school math teacher, and though rewarding, she found that real estate gives her the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with her three amazing boys.   

When WBNL Coaching partnered with Youssef Genid, broker-owner of Realty ONE Group | New Jersey, to create a training program focused on building a solid foundation for agents of all skill levels - Real Estate Sales Builder was born.  Lodi is the trainer, mentor, and coach for the Realty ONE Group | New Jersey offices and conducts live training and coaching throughout the year. She includes her experience and local knowledge into the Real Estate Sales Builder program.  A win for everyone involved.

"I love being a mentor for all new agents. It gets me excited to see them motivated and eager to learn.  Real Estate has become my passion, not just a business.  It is a lot of work, time, and effort, but I wouldn’t do anything else.

If you are interested in learning more, have a referral, or want to learn more about Realty ONE Group | New Jersey, you can contact Lodi directly...

Cell:  201.744.0281

email:[email protected]




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