Episode 299: The Right CRM Is The One You Will Use Daily!

In the latest episode of the WBNL Podcast, we dive into the essential tool every real estate agent needs to thrive: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The episode emphasizes the importance of choosing a CRM that not only fits the technical needs of managing client interactions, streamlining operations, and enhancing productivity but also one that aligns with personal preferences for daily use.
Understanding that simplicity can often lead to more effective management, the discussion outlines the critical components of an ideal CRM, including contact management, lead nurturing and conversion, tracking listings, pendings, closings, and ensuring consistent follow-up with past clients and spheres of influence (SOI). Emphasizing the CRM's role as a virtual assistant, this episode guides listeners through the primary types of Real Estate CRMs available, from solutions designed for individual agents to team CRMs that offer user addition capabilities and IDX websites with lead routing and management features.
Tune in to discover how selecting the right CRM can transform your real estate business by making daily operations more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you're an individual agent or part of a team, this episode sheds light on the importance of choosing a system that you'll look forward to using every day.






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The Right CRM Is The One You Will Use Daily!

Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is crucial for real estate agents as it helps manage client interactions, streamline operations, and enhance productivity.

The number one consideration when choosing a CRM is to select a system or solution that YOU like and will enjoy using daily!

Simplicity and less may be more! At a minimum, you need a system for:

  • Contact management
  • Pipeline - lead nurturing & conversion
  • Tracking Listings, Pendings, Closings
  • Past Client/SOI FollowUp

A great CRM system is like having a virtual assistant.

  • Primary types of Real Estate CRMs
  • Individual agent/user
  • Team CRM - the ability to add users
  • IDX website included with lead routing & management

Do you need and will you use all the bells, whistles, and add-ons?

  • Auto-texting?
  • Newsletter / HTML emails
  • Video emails?

What is your budget? 

Here's a Few key factors a real estate agent should consider when selecting a CRM for their business:

1. Industry Specificity

Opt for a CRM designed specifically for real estate to ensure it includes relevant features such as integration with MLS (Multiple Listing Service), lead generation from real estate platforms, and tools for managing property listings.

2. Ease of Use

The CRM should have an intuitive interface that's easier to navigate. This reduces the learning curve and increases adoption rates among team members.

3. Customization

The ability to customize the CRM to fit specific needs and workflows is essential. Look for options that allow customization of fields, pipelines, and reports.

4. Contact and Lead Management

Effective management of contacts and leads is central to a CRM. Features should include detailed contact profiles, segmentation capabilities, and automated lead nurturing processes.

5. Marketing Tools

Integrated marketing tools can significantly enhance outreach efforts. These might include email marketing, social media management, and campaign tracking features.

6. Automation Features

Automating repetitive tasks like follow-ups, email sequences, and alert notifications can save time and ensure consistency in communication.

7. Mobile Compatibility

A mobile-friendly CRM allows agents to access information on the go, update client details immediately after meetings, and respond quickly to inquiries.

8. Integration Capabilities

The CRM should integrate seamlessly with other tools commonly used in real estate, such as email platforms, calendar apps, and document management systems.

9. Reporting and Analytics

Detailed analytics and reporting tools help track sales performance, measure marketing ROI, and make informed business decisions based on data insights.

10. Support and Training

Good customer support and comprehensive training resources are crucial for troubleshooting and helping team members make the most of the CRM's features.

11. Cost

Evaluate the cost against the budget and ROI expectations. Consider the initial cost and ongoing expenses like subscription fees, add-ons, and maintenance costs.

12. Reviews and Feedback

Research reviews and feedback from other real estate professionals using the CRM. This can provide insights into the product's reliability, performance, and user satisfaction.

Here's a Here'sof 10 popular and recommended real estate CRMs that include both a team version and IDX website integration, detailing their cost and key features:


Costs vary based on the number of users, features included, and sometimes the volume of leads or transactions handled.

Key Features: Each CRM listed offers a mix of lead generation, client management, marketing tools, and IDX website integration tailored to support real estate teams effectively.

Team Version & IDX Website: Each CRM in this list supports team functionalities and includes an IDX website, which is essential for real estate teams looking for a comprehensive solution that facilitates client management and online property listings.

This list caters to real estate teams looking for advanced features supporting collaboration, client interaction, and marketing.

Real estate CRMs that do not include an integrated IDX website, along with their respective costs and key features:


Costs: The listed costs may vary based on specific plan features, additional users, and other variables.

Key Features: Each CRM provides unique functionalities tailored to varying aspects of real estate client management and sales processes. While Top Producer CRM includes MLS integration, it does not provide an IDX website feature, focusing instead on CRM capabilities.

Top Producer CRM: Known for its follow-up features and tools designed specifically for real estate agents, Top Producer aids in efficiently managing leads, transactions, and client follow-ups.

These CRMs cater to different needs within the real estate sector, focusing on everything from sales automation and contact management to detailed reporting and integration with other tools, all without the need for an integrated IDX website.

Real Estate Sales Builder Certification

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Welcome & Orientation

  • Getting the Most Out of the Course
  • RESB Certification Course Downloads
  • Real Estate Sales Builder Course Overview
  • Utilizing WBNL Coaching to Build the Foundation

Module 1: Setting Up Your Agent Training Program 

  • Overview & Downloads
  • Training Delivery Methods & Schedule
  • Identify Your Trainer/Coach
  • How to Use the RESB Coach Manual
  • Recommended Supplemental Training
  • Managing Agent Overwhelm & Setting Priorities 
  • Classroom & Group Management 
  • Leverage the RESB Activity & Results Tracker
  • Accountability & Encouragement Ideas
  • Let's Get To Work!  

Module 2: Coaching Agents to Success

  • Overview & Downloads
  • What is Business Coaching? 
  • Key Coaching Questions
  • Coaching Agents Using the 4 Personality Styles
  • Personal Development Resources
  • Let's Get To Work!

Module 3: Promoting Your Agent Training Program

  • Overview & Downloads
  • RESBC Marketing Toolkit ~ featuring Canva
  • How to Personalize Your RESB Marketing Materials
  • Marketing to Your Agents
  • Leverage Your Training Program for Recruiting
  • Let's Get To Work!

Module 4: Training Overview of all RESB Modules

  • Welcome & Course Overview
  • Module 1: The Fundamentals of Real Estate & Your Business Plan
  • Module 2: Build Your Database & Get Referrals
  • Module 3: Effective Open Houses
  • Module 4: Working with Buyers 
  • Module 5: Personality, Communication Styles & The Sales Cycle
  • Module 6: Working with Sellers
  • Module 7: Listing Presentation & Marketing 
  • Module 8: Farming Strategies
  • Module 9: Social Media & Online Presence 
  • Module 10: Online Lead Generation & Conversion 
  • Module 11: Niche Marketing, BDA & Getting Client Reviews
  • Module 12: Business & Financial Fundamentals

Course Downloads:

  • RESB Trainer Certification Workbook (PDF)
  • Real Estate Sales Builder COACH MANUAL (PDF)
  • RESB Modules-Lessons-Documents List (PDF)
  • Marketing Toolkit Overview ~ featuring Canva (PDF)
  • Initial Coaching Session Form (PDF & Word)
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  • Let's Get To Work Checklist Compilation (PDF)
  • Agent Progress Tracker (Excel)
  • Recommended Supplemental Training List (PDF)
  • Attendance Sign-in Sheet (PDF)
  • Agent Onboarding Checklist (Excel)


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