Episode 291: Key Strategies for a Winning Real Estate Training Program

In episode 291 of the WBNL Podcast, we delve into the critical components that make a real estate training program not just good, but great. Whether you're a broker, team leader, or a new agent eager to succeed in the competitive real estate market, this episode is packed with invaluable insights.

We cover everything from the fundamental topics every new agent needs to master, such as real estate practices, sales techniques, marketing, technology, financial skills, and professional ethics, to the most effective ways to deliver this knowledge. Discover the power of live classes, online courses, mentoring, role-playing, and more to build a solid foundation for a successful real estate career.

Our foundational course, the Real Estate Sales Builder, is also highlighted, offering a glimpse into its structure with 12 comprehensive modules, video lessons, supporting documents, and practical tools like the Goals & Activity Tracker spreadsheet.

Join us as we outline how to create a dynamic, adaptable, and practical training program that prepares new agents for success, ensuring they're well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape.


Mentioned in This Episode 

For more information on our Real Estate Sales Builder course and RESB Certification course, visit our YouTube Channel Playlist

A successful real estate agent training program should be comprehensive and practical, focusing on the essential skills and knowledge new agents need to succeed in the competitive real estate market.

Here’s an outline of primary topics to include, effective delivery methods, and additional components to consider for an effective training program:

Primary Topics

Real Estate Fundamentals and Practices

  • Understanding real estate laws and regulations

  • Contracts and disclosures for both a buyer and seller transaction

  • Local market analysis and trends

Sales Techniques and Client Management

  • Lead generation and prospecting strategies

  • Relationship-building and networking skills

  • Negotiation techniques and closing deals

  • Customer service and client retention

Marketing and Branding

  • Developing a personal brand and online presence

  • Effective use of social media and digital marketing

  • Creating marketing materials and listing presentations

Technology in Real Estate

  • Utilizing real estate software (CRMs, MLS tools)

  • Virtual tours and digital staging tools

  • Mobile and cloud technologies for efficiency

Financial Skills

  • Understanding financing options, mortgages, and loans

  • Analyzing investment opportunities

  • Tax implications related to real estate transactions

Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Adhering to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics

  • Fair housing laws and equal service provisions

  • Conflict resolution and ethical dilemmas

Effective Delivery Methods

Live Training Classes & Workshops

  • Interactive sessions focusing on practical skills and knowledge

  • Guest speakers and industry experts for specialized topics

Online Courses and Webinars

  • Flexible learning options for theory-based topics

  • Recorded sessions for revisiting complex subjects

Mentoring and Shadowing

  • Pairing new agents with experienced mentors

  • Real-life observation and participation in meetings and negotiations

Role-playing and Simulations

  • Practice sessions for negotiations, client interactions, and problem-solving

  • Scenario-based learning to handle various real estate challenges

Hands-on Practical Experience

  • Participation in open houses and property showings

  • Assisting with real estate listings and marketing campaigns

Additional Components

Tracking Activities and Results

Feedback and Evaluation

  • Regular feedback sessions to evaluate progress and address challenges

  • Adjustments to training based on agent performance and feedback

Continuing Education

  • Updates on real estate laws, technology, and market trends

  • Encouraging professional development through additional certifications

Support Resources


Turn-Key Solution:  Real Estate Sales Builder  

This is WBNL Coaching’s foundational real estate sales course.  The program contains 12 training modules designed for new and newer agents and agents who want to master the core fundamentals of a successful real estate business.  Each Module comprises a series of video lessons that average between 8-12 minutes and supporting document downloads.  We conclude every module with actionable steps to take and a “Let’s Get to Work” Checklist.   We have also created a Goals & Activity Tracker spreadsheet to let you set goals for the program and track your activity, progress, listings, and sales results.  Here are the Module topics:

  • Welcome & Course Overview

  • Module 1: The Fundamentals of Real Estate & Your Business Plan

  • Module 2: Build Your Database & Get Referrals

  • Module 3: Effective Open Houses

  • Module 4: Working with Buyers 

  • Module 5: Personality & Communication Styles  

  • Module 6: Working with Sellers

  • Module 7: Listing Presentation & Marketing 

  • Module 8: Farming Strategies

  • Module 9: Social Media & Online Presence 

  • Module 10: Online Lead Generation & Conversion 

  • Module 11: Niche Marketing, BDA & Getting Client Reviews

  • Module 12: Business & Financial Fundamentals

Real Estate Sales Builder has over 119 videos and nearly 100 downloads to help you build that strong foundation step by step!

To learn more about Real Estate Sales Builder, visit our YouTube Channel.


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