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Real Estate Team Builder


Our exclusive Real Estate Team Builder program is a turnkey solution for Agents or small Brokers who want to build a successful Team or for those who have a Team now and need to enhance their structure with a stronger foundation.

  • Online, On-Demand Real Estate Team Builder Training (12+ hours of video coaching)
  • Lifetime Access to the Recorded Videos and Documents 
  • Complete Package of Documents, Admin Forms (110+ documents)
  • Real Estate Team Builder Procedures Guide
  • 90-Day Onboarding & Agent Training Manual
  • Team Project management, accountability, communication systems

Module 1– The Big Picture    
In this first module, we will lay the foundation and cover in greater detail the philosophy and core components of real estate team building.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Real Estate Team Building
  • Lesson 2: Primary Focus Areas for Team Building
  • Lesson 3: The Four Archetypes and How They Fit
  • Lesson 4: Six Components of a Successful Business
  • Lesson 5: Two Critical Keys to Team Building
  • Lesson 6: Agent Team Models
  • Lesson 7: Know Your Company Policies & State Requirements
  • Lesson 8: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 2 – Team Operations and Admin     

  • Lesson 1: Choosing Your Team Model and Organization Chart
  • Lesson 2: Team Member Compensation Plans
  • Lesson 3: Customize the WBNL Team Operations Manual
  • Lesson 4: Team Member Job Descriptions and Agreements
  • Lesson 5: Hiring & Onboarding System
  • Lesson 6: Team Reporting and Tracking
  • Lesson 7: Team Software Solutions
  • Lesson 8: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 3 – Implement Effective Team Systems

  • Lesson 1: Team Real Estate Business Plan & Goals
  • Lesson 2: Your Vision, Purpose and Brand 
  • Lesson 3: Attracting Perfect Clients & UVP
  • Lesson 4: Marketing and Advertising 
  • Lesson 5: Your Database & Referral System
  • Lesson 6: Listing and Farming System
  • Lesson 7: Buyer, Escrow, and Transaction Management System
  • Lesson 8: Lead Generation and Follow-up Systems
  • Lesson 9: Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • Lesson 10: Leveraging Technology and Productivity Apps
  • Lesson 11: Mobile & Paperless Operations
  • Lesson 12: Business and Financial Systems
  • Lesson 13: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 4 – Attract and Hire Team Members

  • Lesson 1: Set Your Attraction (Recruiting) Goals
  • Lesson 2: Identify Your Recruit Sources and Strategies
  • Lesson 3: Develop a Recruit Connection & Action Plan
  • Lesson 4:  Create Your Affiliation (Recruiting) Proposal
  • Lesson 5: Leverage a Career Page & Social Media
  • Lesson 6: Screen Candidates & Conduct Interviews
  • Lesson 7: Five Steps to an Effective Interview
  • Lesson 8: Follow-up Action Plan
  • Lesson 9: Transition Plan & Onboarding (Hiring) Process
  • Lesson 10: 90-Day Onboarding & Training Plan
  • Lesson 11: Retaining Quality, Productive Professionals
  • Lesson 12: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 5 – Coach, Manage and Lead a Successful Team

  • Lesson 1: Coaching Agents to Success
  • Lesson 2: Effective Communication
  • Lesson 3: Master These Coaching Skills
  • Lesson 4: The Coaching Process
  • Lesson 5: Managing the Four Personality Styles
  • Lesson 6: Level 5 Leadership
  • Lesson 7: You Already Have a Culture – It’s You
  • Lesson 8: Team Leads, Production and Escrow Tracking
  • Lesson 9: How to Run an Effective Team Meeting
  • Lesson 10: Productivity, Accountability, Project Management Tools
  • Lesson 11: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 6  – Build an Asset and Create Your Exit Strategy

  • Lesson 1: Exit Strategy Guide and Checklist
  • Lesson 2: Team Business Plan and Key Business Metrics
  • Lesson 3: Determining the Value of Your Business
  • Lesson 4: Review of Exit Strategy and Buyout Options
  • Lesson 5: Let’s Get to Work!


This course also includes a single-user license for Real Estate Sales Builder as a bonus - you must train those agents on your team to thrive!  

As an additional BONUS, we've enhanced RETB with our YouTube for Real Estate Agents and Agent Referral Network courses, a $550 savings, and powerful added value!


Real Estate Sales Builder


Real Estate Sales Builder contains 12 training modules designed for both new and newer agents as well as any agent who wants to master the core fundamentals of a successful real estate business. The primary goal of this program is to show you how to consistently build your pipeline to generate more buyer and seller transactions to reach your individual business and career goals.  

  • Welcome & Course Overview
  • Module 1: The Fundamentals of Real Estate & Your Business Plan
  • Module 2: Build Your Database & Get Referrals
  • Module 3: Effective Open Houses
  • Module 4: Working with Buyers 
  • Module 5: Personality & Communication Styles  
  • Module 6: Working with Sellers
  • Module 7: Listing Presentation & Marketing 
  • Module 8: Farming Strategies
  • Module 9: Social Media & Online Presence 
  • Module 10: Online Lead Generation & Conversion 
  • Module 11: Niche Marketing, BDA & Getting Client Reviews
  • Module 12: Business & Financial Fundamentals

Real Estate Sales Builder has over 119 videos and nearly 100 downloads to help you build that strong foundation step by step!


 YouTube for Real Estate Agents

Are you using YouTube to market your real estate business and spread the word about your listings? If not, you should be. This course has your A to Z system on how to grow your channel from nothing.  Including tips on topics, titles, SEO, equipment, and so much more!  Here's what you'll get:

  • 5 Keys to Being Successful on YouTube
  • Growing Your Channel from Nothing
  • YouTube Algorithm
  • Optimizing Your Channel
  • Video Creation
  • Optimizing Your Video
  • YouTube Strategies
  • Video Set-Up
  • Video Equipment
  • Editing Process


Agent Referral Network

In this course, you will learn how to build and leverage your own national & global agent referral network.  Follow our proven step-by-step process to select agents, make the initial connection, and qualify agents to add to your referral network. Then, customize and implement the ongoing connection campaign and mastermind strategy, which will result in giving and receiving more referrals and closing transactions.  You'll get:

  • Our complete process to build your Agent Referral Network
  • Scripts and dialogues
  • Sample email template
  • Follow-up campaign